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Performed with the lightest pressure to soothe the tired muscles and relax the mind from daily activites.


Deep Tissue:

Designed to break up tension using tools of elbow, knuckles, forearms, fists, thumbs. Used to open up pathways to increase circulation, rid of lactic acid, and move stale blood. (Side effects: soreness for a couple days, minor bruising).


Pregnancy Massage:

Every woman who is bearing child, should be getting a massage. Helps imrpove circulation and stress not just in the shoulders, but in the laxing out of the lower back and hips.



Pre and Post Sports Massage:

For the fitness enthusiast or pro athlete, this type of body work is great. Massage techniques are focused on the main muscles used for a sport/event with lots of deep tissue and stretching. Helps to rid of lactic acid build up from the workout.



Has come from ancient china and egypt. it has been used even in todays form of medicine (ie: breast pump, snake venom sucker, etc). WIll aid in treating deep muscle tension and can help with mirganes as well. (FYI: will leave many "cup kisses" behind. dont worry, they go away in 5 days. and NO they are not bruises.)



Chair Massage

Designed to have a quick fix, upper body massage. Focusing on neck and shoulder tension as well as lower back stress. Performed in offices and parties, with 10min-30min increments per person.

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